"I had the pleasure of working closely with Bill for 6 months solid and he is a true artistic leader.   He has so much experience and knowledge to draw from.   He came in guns blazing with a deep understanding the pieces archetype.  He allowed us all to see the piece through a much broader scope.  Working with Bill is an opportunity that shouldn't be taken lightly, his brilliance has a way of rubbing off on people and I think it has something to do with his generousity.   He has a beautiful way of guiding and leading someone to their brilliance without doing it for them.   I feel lucky to have had the time I had working with him."

-Michael Eisner

" I entered Bill`s class somewhat intimidated at the prospect of tackling Shakespeare for the first time. Due to Bill`s ability to create a safe and welcoming environment and to artfully guide us through the text, I found my confidence and passion for the work grow each week.  Thank you Bill, for igniting this new found love of Shakespeare."

-Susan Finlayson

"Bill is a self-named "clown director." Everything an actor brings, his answer is "Yes! And..." He encourages, challenges and teaches in interconnected layers, always the right tool at the right time. Bill's intuition is right on point, and his spirit is always generous. He is a gift to actors."

-Roselyn Keladra Sedra

"A brilliant acting mentor who brings a unique spin to Uta Hagen and your own organic process. A teaching style that pushes the fourth wall and breaks the rules of acting. The results in training under Bill MacDonald are raw, honest and connected performances delivered from start to finish."

--Patrick W.

"I never thought that I would be able to take on a Shakespearean, but thanks to Bill's direction, his belief in us, his encouragement to find our own truth within the character, I found my truth in playing Richard III. Taking this class has ignited my desire to do Shakespeare all the time! I'm no longer afraid."

-Mamito Kukwikila


"Haven't enjoyed myself this much in years! As Marc said, Bill was born to teach! Glad I found you"

-Kate Mitchell, Star Gate SG-1, Cold Squad

"Before Bill's class my only 

encounter with Shakespeare was in high school. And that was a long time ago. What I learned from Bill is that Shakespeare is all images. As a result, it was the fastest I'd ever learned lines.  I look forward to training with him again soon."

-Jennifer Merchant

"Bill, not all of these classes are created equal, so kudos on what was a definite above average experience. No doubt others are out there with your knowledge but few, I've found, are actually able to impart it to others."

-Nelson Giles

"I just had an audition- using a lot of what we have been working on. I felt much more free and grounded. The fog is clearing!"

-Hannah Levien, The Magicians, Supernatural, Bates Motel

"Just wanted to drop you line and say thanks for your coaching on that big audition I had a while back. I ended up booking the job! It's going to premier next year on Syfy and Showcase.Thanks for your help. It was a tremendous help. I probably wouldn't have booked it without you."

-Joe Delfin, The Strain, Republic of Doyle, Rookie Blue

"William MacDonald is an outstanding teacher and director.  He is truly insightful, not only in terms of understanding what barriers may be holding his actors back, but also at finding concrete, useful ways to help them move forward.  His patience and infinite curiosity encourage exploration and risk taking.  He is an inspiring teacher, and I highly recommend him."

-Tanya Lee

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