Film, Cold Blooded

William MacDonald is excellent as the top villain of the piece, capable of being equally conniving and murderous in a single scene’

Theatre, Zadie’s Shoes-Factory Theatre 

…and MacDonald, in the show's iron-clad scene-stealing role, generate the kind of dark comic energy the play is capable of.’ -

Martin Morrow, The Globe and Mail

Theatre,Toronto Mississippi -Vancouver Playhouse/Theatre Aquarius

'MacDonald’s Elvis-worshipping King is dynamite.  He makes his performance sequences homages rather than parodies.  And MacDonald carries over the body language and attitude into the character of King himself.’

- Jerry Wasserman,

Theatre, The Italian American Reconciliation

'Actor Bill MacDonald is hilarious as Aldo, the macho poser. MacDonald doesn’t just get Aldo’s cocky swagger; he also reveals the character’s confused good intentions, and the vulnerability of his underlying fear of women’

-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight 

Theatre, The Caretaker- Vancouver Playhouse

'William Macdonald is superb in the role as he combines the autistic slowness of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man with the existential indifference of Peter Sellers in Being There to create a character that is both sympathetic and maddening’

- Baila Lazarus,

Theatre, Demon Voice- Touchstone Theatre

‘….driven by MacDonald’s typically deep and muscular performance’

- Jerry Wasserman

Theatre Demon Voice- Touchstone Theatre

‘MacDonald gives Pete toughness, sincerity, and understated humour’

-Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight 

Theatre, Tiger of Malaya -Richmond/Gateway Theatre

‘…..ferocious Southern redneck Colonel Hilroy (William Macdonald in a performance worthy of Jack Nicholson)’

-Jerry Wasserman,

Theatre, Little Mercy’s First Murder-Touchstone Theatre

‘...and MacDonald turn in exceptional performances’

- Jerry Wasserman,

Theatre, MacBeth- Sterling Theatre

'MacDonald’s ability to journey through each of Macbeth’s challenges displaying both intention and care was fascinating to watch. His relationship with Olunike Adeliyi‘s Lady Macbeth was quite electric'


Theatre, MacBeth- Sterling Theatre

'William MacDonald (Macbeth) and Olunike Adeliyi (Lady Macbeth) are fierce, vulnerable and almost unbearably conflicted. They were thrilling. So determined, so committed, so terrified of themselves. In their movements, I could almost see the dark forces taking them over. Chills went right up my spine every time MacDonald made eye contact with me.'
-Mooney on Theatre

Film, Cold Blooded

‘William MacDonald is excellent as the top villain of the piece, capable of being equally conniving and murderous in a single scene’

- Edgar Chaput,

Film, Cold Blooded

‘One of the year’s most terrifying villains’

- Tom Clift,

Film, Cold Blooded

‘The prolific character actor Bill MacDonald is absolutely great as a devious villain who is both ruthless and ironically amusing’

-Scott Weinberg, fear

Film, The Delicate Art of Parking

'The tale lopes along on gentle observations, buoyed by especially memorable performances from Nancy Robertson, as a tough-talking (and unexpectedly amorous) enforcement officer, and William MacDonald, in a change-of-pace-role as a gentle cop who would like to be a detective but "they make the test so hard.” ‘

-Ken Eisner- The Georgia Straight

Film, The Rhino Brothers

'MacDonald is the most experienced actor of the three and his work is outstanding. The anger and self-pity he manages to infuse Sasha with really sticks in your memory’

-Judge Barrie Maxwell,

Theatre, Zadie’s Shoes-Factory Theatre 

'William MacDonald is superb in the part’

- Richard Ouzounian The Toronto Star

Theatre, Zadie’s Shoes- Factory Theatre

'William MacDonald is very funny as the walking train-wreck that is Ben’s friend Bear’ Christopher Hoile- Stage Door


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